It is a 30-shade palette that includes all matte shades!

Features 30 smooth, buttery ALL matte shades in a range of warm to cool toned nudes and neutrals, peaches, beiges, taupes, pinks, mauves, and grays.

They’re more desaturated neutrals, and it should make for an excellent way to add in mattes into most looks (the quality seems to be there from initial use, but full review to come, of course!).

There’s a good balance of light, mid-tone, and darker shades and each column has slightly warmer/cooler variation in undertone, too.


  • fluff up: matte ivory
  • teddy: matte cream
  • duvet it: matte muted beige
  • ur a faux: matte muted pale pink
  • pillow fight: matte muted dusty rose
  • luv bug: matte stone
  • butter up: matte soft peach
  • shaggy: matte sand
  • the cuddles: matte pale fawn
  • pjs: matte pale rose
  • big hugs: matte muted pale mauve
  • overcast: matte mink
  • chaise me: matte apricot
  • blankie: matte tawny
  • ultrasuede: matte camel
  • cozy cute: matte dusty rose
  • very velveteen: matte mauve
  • comfy: matte ash
  • snug as a bug: matte rust
  • fleecy: matte gingerbread
  • snoozin’: matte cool brown
  • onesie: matte fawn
  • cushion cut: matte dusty eggplant
  • downlike: matte iron
  • earmuffs: matte terracotta
  • powder puff: matte mocha
  • sleepwalker: matte espresso
  • pouffe: matte cinnamon brown
  • velvet dress: matte blackened eggplant
  • roll around: matte charcoal



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