The Cold-as-Stone Forks palette is 30 sets of eye shadow, which is made on the largest scale Colourpop, yet it’s still only $34. I like Colourpop’s recipe because they seem to have improved a lot over the last few years.

Stone Cold Fox color palettes are packaged in sturdy cardboard. It has a magnetic cover and comes with a box. I like the color scheme and the cardboard feels solid. This will be a great travel companion because it has everything you might need. However, it is also very thin and easy to pack in a suitcase.

Stone Cold Fox is a very cool tone-clear palette with matte, shimmer and glitter mattes. There are no oppressive flashes or overpowering shadows, and I’m personally happy about that. The reason I’ve always liked Colourpop’s color palette is that they know how to combine shading options together, while here the hues cool lovers might want everything from brown, taupe, pink and mauve to gray and silver without too much repetitive shading. I’d like to have more flicker in some of the mid-tone transitional shadow masks, but that’s just my preference.

Personally, I like lavender and pink hues, and I think cool browns are more flattering than pure grays and silvers. What I might expect to see is some dark taupe tones and silvery lavender hues. I think these colors will work well with the colors in the palette, and there will be less repetitive shadows.

I really like the Stone Cold Fox Palette. It’s beautiful and has great shade variation. You have mauves to true silvers in here, with all the transition and light shades you could need.

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