The law of attraction brought you to this pretty two-toned palette. Dreamy pinks and warm corals create a whole vibe with soft mattes, metallics, and Pressed Glitter formulas.

ColourPop Miss Bliss 9-Pan Pressed Powder Palette is a new, probably limited life (aka around until it’s not!) orange and pink palette with two true mattes, four sparkly mattes, two shimmers, and one glitter.

I’m not a huge fan of the “sparkly matte” concept–sometimes you’ll see very fine pearl in a matte, which I’ve been told helps with blending, but the larger sparkles seem unnecessary and are there to look “pretty” in the pan but don’t translate well.

I find they move around very easily when blending, so you get random sparkles along the lid and crease area (where you might not have wanted) along with fallout during application and over time.

The shimmers were more workable in this palette with one being a little too emollient. The semi-mattes and mattes were blendable and fairly pigmented but ran lightly to moderately powdery.


  • of quartz: matte baby pink with the flex of hot pink and silver pearl
  • intuitive: matte peachy pink
  • Woah!: matte soft peach with gold and silver sparkle
  • loves it: matte mid-tone pink with pinpoints of hot pink pearl
  • law of attraction: glitter opalescent with points of multidimensional glitter
  • palo santo: metallic icy peachy orange
  • chakra to me: metallic vibrant pink with a gold flip
  • optimist: matte pastel coral

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