What this palette has to offer is 9 shades of mauve, plain and simple. It is leaning a bit warm toned when it comes to mauves. Mauve can either be cool or warm and I also feel this palette is perhaps not as deep and therefore versatile as I’d like it to be.

It has some stunning shades though and for a 9 pan I think it is fairly well curated. However, as you will see in the look I created below, the palette could do with one shades that is a bit deeper than the deepest shade you get in here now.


  • I absolutely love this color story! Mauves are some of my favorite shades to wear.
  • The shades in this palette tend to lean more cool toned purple and gray rather than pink, which I prefer. I’m not a huge fan of warmer, pink toned mauves. The only exception is A La Mode, the middle metallic, but it’s not too pink.
  • All of the mattes, except one, are great. I honestly think they’re the best I’ve tried from Colourpop so far. They’re pigmented. blendable and have almost no fallout.
  • The metallics are INTENSELY shimmery and beautiful.
  • The packaging is cardboard with a magnetic closure and no mirror.


  • The metallic shades have quite a bit of fallout. They need to be applied wet and with a flat brush or finger.
  • Around the shade Mauve on Top, the packaging has became discolored and yellowed. This isn’t a con for the actual performance of the palette but it’s like some kind of oil from the shadow itself has seeped out into the cardboard. It’s very odd and the first time I’ve noticed one of their shadows doing this.
  • When the mattes are blended together, they tend to look gray. This is especially true for the deepest shade, Marquee. It will lose its deep purple color when blended with anything else.
  • Marquee is not the easiest to blend.
  • The shades Solitaire and Tongue Tied look very similar on the eyes.

As I have no issues with Colourpop’s eyeshadow formula, this one is really pretty. The matte blend beautifully and the shimmers are stunning. I just wish the palette would leave out those three very light shades: they barely show up on my skin tone and that is not good as I am super fair.

So if these shades are already too light for me, who will they be right for then? In short, good quality palette, but the shade selection makes this palette a bit of a one trick pony.

I really wanted to love this palette, but save for 3 – 4 shades in this palette I don’t think it is anything special. As I mentioned I am planning on deconstructing this and joining it with my Flutter By shades eventually. I think that way I can create the perfect mauve toned eyeshadow palette myself.

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