The packaging on this palette is a vibrant purple plastic, which is a vibrant purple. It has a snap and includes a large, clear mirror. Shadow names are printed on the back of the palette and below each shadow.

Out of the nine pans, only three were dark, but “Pretty Cruel” shadows are one of those dark shadows that have a flash effect and look dark when you apply them. I still have a hard time understanding why I made these shadows like this.

To me, the flash doesn’t seem to make sense, but when used as a mask shadow, it does look like a normal mask, and the mask is fine, except for the tiny flash.

In addition to the mask and the shiny color of the mask (even if the word doesn’t make sense), there are five metal elements. Some are just plain metallic, but some are two-color. These tones are really achieved through these shadows, they are so shimmering (there is no suppressed flash), and they have a great size.

Lighter shadows work well on their own, but as a shadow mask on top of any mask on the palette, they really do present themselves at their best.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review and found it helpful!

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