ColourPop It’s a Mood 30-Pan Shadow Palette ($34.00 for 0.92 oz.) is a new palette that includes 26 regular eyeshadows, three Pressed Glitters, and one Pressed Pigment.

It’s nice to see these autumnal tones get a moment, especially since a lot of past palettes in this mega format have been more neutral-leaning (which makes sense to me).

This is one of the most beautiful color stories I’ve ever seen in a large palette! I love how they’re arranged in the palette!

With a range of pumpkin spice to ambers, and pops of plums, rich forest greens, and glimmers of sultry teals, this will be your go-to palette this fall.

Don’t Deny is the better version of Self-Control, as it was very similar in color, depth, and undertone but didn’t have the random sparkle.

Stay Close, Everywhere, and It’s a Rush ran together, so I think excluding Everywhere or giving a richer, more red-orange would have made the palette more versatile.

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