The “In A Trance” palette retails for $12 exclusively on Colourpop’s website. It’s a smaller 9 pan palette, which a series that they have been releasing consistently over the past few years. This is actually my first time trying one of their smaller palettes or even seeing it in person.

It is definitely much smaller than I thought it would be, with the actual eyeshadow pans being signifigntly smaller than their single shadows and their 12-16 pan palettes.

The mattes performed better than I expected; they were pigmented, though lightly to moderately powdery, blendable, and had decent wear. The shimmers were more of a mixed bag, and I have been finding that ColourPop’s pushed more toward drier, more loosely-pressed shimmers that don’t work as well with dry brushes as past shades have.

The palette is made up of a variety of pastel pinks, purples, and blues – all of which are some of my favorite shades to wear. Like I said before, Colourpop’s eyeshadow formula is my absolute favorite and overall this palette is pretty much on-par with the quality of their previous releases, but there are a few differences to point out. Since many of these shades are lighter, it can take a little bit of extra building and blending to reach full opacity.

The blendability of this palette is lovely and I say it is one of ColourPop’s more blendable shadows. When I mixed Daydream Bby with Crown Chakra for the lovely transition, it gave me a beautiful lavender as a transition shade which doesn’t happen often with ColourPop shadows.

The idea that it is based on Tie-Dye makes sense, since when you Tie-Dye clothing, colors tend to blend together to create something beautiful.

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