ColourPop’s Garden Variety Eyeshadow Palette features 15 shades to create the freshest looks with pops of shimmering color and rich earthy mattes. Features a mix of formulas: pressed powder eyeshadows, pressed pigments, and super shock shadows. I’ve used all of their pressed eyeshadow formulas and they’re truly amazing. I love that they’re all so blendable and easy to work with without the hefty price tag.

The shadows come in a slim cardboard palette with a magnetic closure and embossed letters on the floral background. The Garden Variety palette is limited edition, as is the rest of the collection.

This collection by ColourPop is inspired by succulents and the freshest blooms. Not only does it feature products from ColourPop, but Garden Variety also features products from ColourPop’s sister companies – Fourth Ray Beauty and SOL Beauty.

I  like that there are enough staple neutrals to act as a base, and you can take the look in several different directions from there.

The palette could also create a fairly colorful look if you wanted to mix the greens with the purples. I think if you wanted to dip your toe in color this would be a good option because none of the shades are outrageously bright.

So with all praise I’ve got for the shade selection, it was pretty disappointing to discover that the quality of the shadows wasn’t all there.

I don’t really have any complaints about the matte shadows, they all seem fairly consistent with the rest of Colourpop’s mattes. The deeper shades in particular performed very well, which is surprising because deep mattes can sometimes be the hardest shades to properly execute.

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