Blue Moon is another color story in the monochromatic collection from Colourpop. Like it’s sibling palettes, it’s a 9-pan pressed powder shadow palette and retails for $12. It’s also labeled cruelty free.

The packaging is the same sleek plastic with a huge mirror we’ve seen in the other palettes in this monochromatic collection, but Blue Moon’s packaging is a beautiful sky blue.

5 mattes and 4 metallics really is the perfect amount for a 9-pan. The 5 mattes have a very nice variety of depth. You get a light blue, a mid toned warm blue, a mid cool toned blue, and a rich deep dark blue. My only complain is that Moonlite and Starry Eyed can look a bit simila on the eyes even though Moonlite is clearly more pastel when you look at them in the pan and on swatches.

I found the difference to be a bit hard to spot once applied to the eyes. Besides them being a bit similar, the quality of the mattes overall are just great. Easy to blend, super pigmented, and just a pleasure to work with despite being a bit of an unforgiving color.

The 4 metallic shimmer shades also offer a nice variation with some interesting colors. Both Tide Pool and Mad About U are probably shades we have all seen before. They are absolutely beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but I can probably dupe them over and over again just using my own collection. The quality is spot on though, so they are for sure among my best metallic blues. Lumi is a gorgeous duochrome.

This is an awesome selection of shades, in my opinion. You have some gorgeous light tones, some beautiful bright blues, and a deep navy to darken the crease.

What I particularly enjoy about this blue palette is that there is a variety of tones. Some of Colourpop monochromatic palettes contain a lot of beautiful colors, but the shades lack tonal differences. This causes some of the shadows to look pretty similar once on the eye, especially when blended into each other. It also makes creating a full look with depth.

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