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Hi! I’m Alinta, welcome to my blog! I honestly didn’t think I would ever take up blogging, I’ve been a trainee veterinary nurse, a store manager and a teaching assistant prior to having children (I know, very varied!) but my new venture of becoming a writer began in February 2016. Writing my book led to the start of my blog which began as a place for me to share my thoughts and experiences.

My blog has developed over the last few years and has turned from my hobby into my little business. I have a love for fashion, I think the consumption rate of clothing is too fast to be met, and therefore unsustainable to be maintained in the future. Do we really need new clothes every week? Are we actually using fashion for expression, identity, status, or just the perception of it? It seems that every other girl on the street looks the same in her Zara top and Topshop jeans because we are all buying into the same trend.

I will be sharing my journey to improve my awareness, my purchases, and my behaviour towards my clothes. By sharing the tips and resources I use along the way, I hope you choose to join me! We have a lot to do!

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